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The HOP will be a center for knowledge, where scholars from all aspects of life will be invited to provide mentoring, educational and training sessions to the community to guide the talents and encourage the youth creativity.

Wedding Ceremony

You can come and have the best day of your life at our venue, and we will make sure of that. Please Contact us for your reservation and event details.


We hold many events here for all ages. Therefore, make sure to check our HOP and Ottawa Muslim Association Facebook page and website for the latest update. If you have an event and you would like to book the HOP, please contact us and we will work with you to make it a pleasant experience.


They partnered with many professional caterers and wedding and event  planners that can make your event a memorable one.

Other Events

Throughout the year, we hold a variety of community events that aim to educate, enrich and help advance the community in all aspects of life. These events are tailored to address the community needs to increase its knowledge, engagement, address health , investment, legal, science and all aspects of knowledge that help the community in their day to day life.


We at Hall of Peace (HOP) would love to have the best experience  for you and your loved ones. Kindly do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns you want to address to us.

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Whatever event you have at our venue, we will make sure that it will meet and exceed your expectations. Even more!

Our Location

The Hall Of Peace, HOP,  is a place of peace, integration and harmony for the Muslim community and all other communities within the capital region.